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Wil Wheaton entry - Still Writing in my Diary

Apr. 15th, 2006 05:31 pm Wil Wheaton entry

When I was younger, me and my brother were HUGE American Civil War fanatics. I would like to say I still am, as I still know just about every important battle in detail. But anyways, back to the point. We would gather up the neighborhood kids that were about our age, divide into even teams, and go off into the woods and farmland around our house. We would spend entire weekends out there, camping at night and fighting by day, just like real soldiers. We spent alot of time on details, making sure that the kids on the Confederate side wore gray or brown and the Kids on the Union side wore blue. We used toy rifles, pistols, even tree branches for makeshift rifles and swords. We even used our school bookbags as packs to carry food and water. I mean literally, the fights would last most of the day, then when it got really hot in the midafternoon, we would take a timeout and go swimming in my pool till it cooled down. Then we were right back out there again, in the woods sneaking from tree to tree, trying to ambush the kids on the other team. Those were the glory days you could say, when we didnt have so much responsibilities to keep up with. I miss those days, but now I hardly have time to just watch TV, let alone go out and hike in the woods. Kinda sad when I think about it.

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