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What you dont believe me - Still Writing in my Diary

Feb. 10th, 2006 08:56 am What you dont believe me

I was reading the story about Hines Ward on the Mentally Incontinet website and it reminded me about a story of my own high school glory years. It was the last game of the season. We were 3-6 and out of the playoffs by one game. We, as seniors, had one more game of high school football we would ever play. We were determined to make this seem like our playoff game. And we were determined to win. You could see it in our eyes all week, at practice, in school, heck even at home.

There was just one problem though. The team we were playing was the Haywood Tomcats, 10-0 and the #6 team in the state. The were already a lock for the playoffs. We were just a week of practice for these guys. They were faster, stronger, and much BIGGER on all accounts. No suprise we were 21 point underdogs.

But you know something. Piss on that! You heard me right. They're human, just like us. So if we can feel pain, so can they. And if we couldnt beat them, we would inflict as much pain as possible to them. It was our personal goal to make sure these guys couldnt get up out of bed all weekend. Besides, in what other high school sport is it legal for you to beat the living crap out of someone and be congratulated for it.

So Friday rolls round right. All day, even our own students said we were gonna get killed by these guys. Everytime someone said that to me, I pretty much told them where to go. It was our Senior night, and I had never been so downright mad as I was that day. The intensity was so great in me I thought I might punch through a wall. If they thought that during school I was pissed, you should have seen me during pregame in the locker room. I think I said every cuss word possible fifty times. So I sounded something like this, "This is the last #*&%$@ game we will ever play seniors! These &@# %&!# SOB's think we are a bunch of P_$$%'s. When we get out there, hurt them, hurt them bad!"

Apparently that had an effect. Next thing I know the WHOLE team is fired up ready to cripple someone. We suited up and headed out. Now for those who never played football, there isnt a much better feeling then walking down the steps of the stadium, through the crowd, (kind of like how our UT basketball team does), with 5,000 people cheering for you on both sides. Yea, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

Game time baby. First time I took the field on defense was the one moment I wont forget. Let me explain something to you first. For anyone who knows football, I played nosetackle. I was 5'10, 175 pounds. Nose tackles are usually 250 and up, you know, a big lineman. I was the smallest nosetackle in the state I think. But I used my speed and considering I was very strong for my size, I was good at what I did. Well, in the first half, we killed them. Yea thats right, We were beating the CRAP out of the #6 team in the state. We were so fired up and pissed off that we didnt make the playoffs, we were literally hurting these guys. By the time halftime rolled around, we were up 21-7. I mean we were fired up. We kept it up too, when the second half started. But they were ready this time. They knew we were serious about kicking their butts. It was the nastiest football game I've ever had the privilege of playing in. Both teams were trash -talking, laying jacked up hits, and giving cheap shots. I was playing against a guard who was about 6'1, 240 pounds. He came up to me during halftime and said" yo! 56! Im bout to whip your @$$ like a B%&#$" I looked him dead in the face and said "Bring it you P*$$y @$$" Yea I just found me a new punching bag. Both teams went back and forth the second half. Next thing I remembered, it was 1:02 left in the game and they had the ball on our one yard line, and you better believe it was forth down. The score was 35-28. If they scored they would tie us up. Their running back was one of the biggest, strongest, and best in west Tennessee. We knew it was going to him. There goes the snap, Qb turns around and hands the ball off to the tailback, and guess whos there waiting for him. Yea, thats right, ME! Me and one of the linebackers hit him so hard he fell backwards, turning the ball over to us to win the game. That place went absolutly crazy as the fans rushed the field. And I was in the middle of it.

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